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Click on a puzzle image below to go to the solution.


1) Each solution provides complete instructions for removing the object piece, and additional instructions for reassembly. Diagrams are included where needed. Scroll down to see entire solution. Some solutions include two pages.

2) Print solutions for future reference (in case you forget).

3) If you have problems getting both pages to print, check your browsers page margins, and that you are set to landscape mode. Finally, you can force a picture to print by using your browsers 'view image' feature for a diagram (try right clicking), and then printing the single page.

4) Bookmark this page now. You can then return without having to complete the registration form again.

Iron Heart Conestoga Playmate Old Shackles Captive

Bottoms Up Self-Restraint Painted Lady Black Jack Iron Maiden

Lyon's Loop Traveler's Woe Jack Of Hearts Clef Hanger Tinker's Bell

Wise Guy Collaborative Effort Blackbeard's Revenge Satan's Stirrup Dirty Dog Smartypants

Double Bypass U-Turn Big Kahuna Smooth Operator Odd Ball


Big Shot Tri Again Doozie Best Ever Heart's Desire

Long Island Catch Double Trouble Matched Set Yankee Ingenuity

Genuine Article Sneaky Pete Freedom's Ring Patience Puzzle